Welcome to Hogwarts School RP Memories page! Keep in mind that these memories are made up. Unless, they were requested from an actual rp post or was made by the roleplayer. Go request a memory for your character now~
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"Harry!-slaps his arm-"

"Ow -laughs- C’mon, just say it again -pouts- Please? Its not like it has the L word in it."

"-hisses-It’s basically like the same thing!"

"No it’s not! -laughs- Unless you… -blinks, raising his brows at Amelia-"

"Wha- F-fine! Yes, I want to be your girlfriend! There! I said it! Happy?"

"-grins- Okay, I’ll let you be my girlfriend -chuckles then pulls her up for another kiss- "


"Oh, you know you want me."

HaMelia becomes official. ||November 21, 2012.||